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I've always had allergies but now I have ALLERGIES!! It's true, everything in Texas is bigger including EVERYTHING that makes your allergies flare up.


As always, we create in slow our slow infusion method to provide max benefits. The ingredients selected for this tincture are known to help reduce inflamation, strengthens the immune system,  can assist with anxiety and more 


Ingredients include:  Nettle, Yarrow, Astragalus, , peppermint, cinnamon,  alfalfa leaf, VODKA and more


Direction: Take up to 1 TBSP daily to help assist with reducing symptoms of seasonal allergies.


Message: Psalm 68:19


Note:  While this was created to assist it is not intended to replace any prescribed medication. 



Renew- Allergy Tincture

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$10.00Sale Price