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His Land. Our Luxury.

From Above Naturals is designed to be a reminder that God has given us this land to use and nourish for our healing and joy.

From Above Naturals implements this reminder by providing quality body care items that use herbs and oils to create luxuriously healthy skin.

All products are infusions of natural oils, salts, and raw butters. We do not use fragrances, dyes or any other additives.

Products are shipped plastic free to help preserve our land and to encourage eco-friendly usage and recycling.

All products are made in small batches and created with love.


My name is Tanessa Burch. I created From Above Naturals in 2020 as a way that I can honor God and

thank Him for giving us this land. As a black herbalist, I am passionate about the usage of herbs within my own life and within my products.


Many of the products on the market today have additives that are not good for our skin. They are filled with ingredient that are toxic and harmful over time.


We stand to encourage you to try it the natural way. After continued usage of our products, you will notice a difference within your skin.


Due to the nature of our product, refunds or exchanges are not accepted.

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Herbal Infusions

Our products have been infused in herbs and oils for at least six weeks. This is done to create quality ingredients. We will never rush our creations. 

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